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Momo Kumo, Kawaii Mom

Okaeri Nasai!

My name is Momo Kumo, and I am a Kawaii Mom from the East Coast of the USA. Here you will find my love for Kawaii Fashion, particularly Yami Kawaii, Yume Kawaii, and Fairy Kei. I’m also an avid anime watcher and supporter of body postivity.

Mental health is another huge priority of mine. As a member of the kawaii community, I believe we often see the pastel colors and cute characters, forgetting that someone who may be dressed in vibrant colors may not feel as cheerful as they look. It’s important to have these discussions, because no one, no matter how pink your socks are or how bright your hair is, deserves to suffer in silence.

In addition to my blog, you can find everything Momo Kumo on Instagram.

If you’d like to support my kawaii dreams, you can find me on Ko-fi. The funding would go towards furthering my website, my accessory shop, and cosplay. In the future, I hope to travel from convention to convention in cosplay, selling my accessories, and connecting with the rest of the community!