Momo Kumo Takes on the Big Apple

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I had a wee adventure two weekend a go with my sweet friends, Bumble Bee and Xavier ! We took our first trip together to New York City ! I’ve been to the city several times, but the atmosphere is always changing and there’s always new faces to see and places to go ! Which in fact their Rilakkuma Pop Up Shop was still open when we went ! We didn’t just go in once, but twice ! We just couldn’t get enough of Rilakkuma’s honey sweet face and all of his friends.

I was able to find a Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma otter sketch book, which the design of the book was inspiring for me let alone! I found the softest most laziest Korilakkuma plush and I just knew she had to be mine! The people that worked there were the main reason we came back before we left nyc. Especially the girl with the bumble gum pink hair. She was just a kind soul and it was magical watching her sing and dance to kpop and frolicking around the shop looking so at peace and happy.

After seeing Rilakkuma we headed over to the Line Friends Store considering my bestfriend has never been there and she’s a huge fan of all the characters they have ! Line Friends is a messaging app that is sort of like Facebook, but in my opinion it’s 10x better. How can you not love all of their characters?! Not to mention they did a project with BTS and made the BT21 characters that stole our hearts, and money.

The sole purpose of the trip was for me to go to my first ever K-Pop Boy Group concert/Meer & Greet! And I was fortune enough to be accompanied by my two friends. After touring around Rime square we headed over to Flushing,Queens. Our hotel room was comfy cozy and didn’t give me an anxiety. Which was a huge plus for me while I was going through home sickness.

My friends went to the Sunnyvale venue with me and took on the streets of that town while I was at my show. Our first day in NYC was super busy and we felt like 24 hours just wasn’t enough time to really engage in the NYC atmosphere.

The second day we went over to the Skyview Mall to find my daughter her Easter dress. I found the perfect one that was covered in fake pink roses. When we arrived in Time Square we went to the Disney store and I always tend to forget there’s a second floor. The second floor has a lot of children’s clothes and plushies. And again I made quite a few purchases for my daughter .

Bumble bee wanted to go to the Line Store again and while we were there she made a kind gesture by buying me a Coney plush keychain. On behalf of the fact that my brown bunny plush keychain was stolen while we were in daiso the day before. And I was devastated, since that was the first thing I bought when I moved to China in 2016. She was by myself for three years. And to be completely honest I felt violated over someone really touching me to steal off of me.


I found myself in the Rilakkuma shop making a tour video of the store and shopping for my sweet boi. He’s the Rilakkuma fan and nd I’m the Korilakkuma fan. So I knew the perfect gifts would end up coming from here. I found everything I could possibly want ! Momo was a happy magical girl 🌸❤️

I’m glad I didn’t attend this trip on my own like I did last year. My friend kept me a float at even lowest points. I’m a grateful Smol bean for their true kind hearted selves. Stay tuned on my next post on me experiencing modeling in the Public’s Eye in all glittery harajuku styles clothing ! It was a LEWK

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