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I hope youre having a beautiful Monday Morning ! Thank you for making your way over here and checking out my site ! Today I want to talk about being in the Kawaii community, and also being a mother.

I have been in the Kawaii community for quite some time now. Besides my moments of having break downs and just never wanting to wear pastel colors, crazy colored wigs, etc. for the fact that I truly didn’t think I looked good in this style. I now don’t let my body dysphoria control what I want to wear , and nor do I let society control what I wear just because I’m a mother now.

When people see me in a lolita wig, platform shoes, colorful sweaters and skirts, they would never think I’m a mom. And when they find out they have a facial expression of “ew, why dress that way when your a mom now?” It blows my mind that people think and truly believe that us moms are suppose to wear dull colors, and look like we rolled out of bed. (And if that’s what you like wearing personally, that’s okay too!) we should not be ashamed that we take the time to do our pastel, Kawaii LEWKS!

You shouldn’t let anyone make you feel ashamed for dressing, what they think, is childish styles. People who aren’t in the Kawaii community just really don’t understand. And I think it’s okay, and in a way it can be our job to inform others on our community and lifestyle choice. (If they want to take the time to be educated right and stop being so ignorant)

People outside of our community think maybe we are a bit weird, well..there’s no such thing as normal. We all choose the colors we want to represent in our wardrobe! If you want to dress in pastel, neon, or black and white, etc.. THAT IS OKAY! IT’S MORE THAN OKAY! IT’S B E A U T I F U L!

Do do whatever makes YOU happy ! If you’re a good mother and take care of your sweet baby, that’s all that matters ! As a mother, your child is going to love you no matter when you’re just in your comfy mom clothes, to when you’re badazzled in a Kawaii queen outfit !

I am a MOTHER, but I am still a KAWAII QUEEN!! -Momo Kumo

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  1. So so so glad that you’re overcoming your body dysphoria and having fun embracing the fashion that makes you happy! You look so lovely in everything you wear, especially when you wear it with pride and confidence! You’re an inspiration to all other mums who feel like they can’t wear what they like anymore just because they’re a parent. Your baby is so lucky to have such a positive role model, she’s going to see you and grow up confident and secure in being herself and that’s the best thing you can ever give her. If anyone tries to tell you any different stomp on them in your beautiful pastel pink platforms!!! xx 💕🌸

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